from the photo essay pandemic aesthetic (2020)
from the series urban dystopia (revision)
from the series moroccan trail (2019)
from the series nightdrifters (2019)
from the series nightdrifters (2019)
from the series nightdrifters (2019)
from the stream
from the series brutally concrete (2019)
from the series moroccan trail (2019)
from the series urban dystopia (2018)

Photography is teaching me to not just look but observe, so enhancing my sense of seeing. Looking at pictures reveals previously unseen details and connections, so gives me a better understanding of life. Being out on the streets makes me interact with people I don’t know, so gives me a deeper sense of living.
[ berlin June 2019 ]

urban dystopia (ongoing series)

Urban Dystopia reveals a growingly detached society. The project reflects the preposition that modern society is in a continuous state of detachment, and, as such, shows scenes of desolation and mirrors feelings of emptiness.

The original edition can be found here. The project is featured in Bangbangzine issue 3 (available here) and won two honorouble mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019.

The second edition, which is a revision or a re-interpretation can be found here.

Currently the third edition is in the works.

Read more in my blogpost about the making of Urban Dystopia.


As I passed by the window of a nearby bar I saw this girl sunken in thoughts. I was struck by the mirror-image in the back, that seemed like a ghost-image of the girl's inner thoughts. The girl was probably working. She did not seem to notice me while I was bringing the camera to my eye. But her ghost-image looked at me with intense curiosity. Only after I took the picture the girl quickly glanced before shying away again. It was then that I realized that she had observed me all the time through her ghost-image, and that I had met her before.

From the series Nightdrifters

caged / the greenery