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Photography is teaching me to not just look but observe, so enhancing my sense of seeing. Looking at pictures reveals previously unseen details and connections, so gives me a better understanding of life. Being out on the streets makes me interact with people I don’t know, so gives me a deeper sense of living.
[ berlin June 2019 ]

urban dystopia

Urban Dystopia attempts to reveal the sense of a growingly detached society. The project reflects the preposition that modern society is in a continuous state of detachment, and, as such, shows scenes of desolation and mirrors feelings of emptiness.

The project was done over the course of a year, with the restriction that all analogue images should remain unprocessed.

The project is featured in Bangbangzine issue 3 (available in the webshop) and won two honorouble mentions at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019.