jean-pierre damen is an urban- and street-photographer documenting urbanity in its broadest sense: from street impressions to abstracts views on the city, from atmospheric nightshots to (life in) urban space and architecture.

General recurring themes in his work are: the relation between hyperindividuality and isolation, and existential anxiety caused by modernity.

"His photos are cinematic in appearance and blur the lines between street photography, tableau, and fine art."
[ Lensculture 2020 ]

He takes both analogue and digital pictures with a strong preference for getting things right in-camera with minimal editing.

Since 2017 he has chosen photography for a theme-driven approach in documenting urbanity, resulting in two first online projects called Urban Decay and Urban Abstractions (soon back online).

In 2018 the project Sub-way-conscious was added as well as the multi-commended series Urban Dystopia, which is also featured in BANGBANGZINE issue 3.

In 2019 the series Nightdrifters, Moroccan Trail, a new edition of Urban Abstractions and a revision for Urban Dystopia were added. As well as the kick-off-series for the Naturbeton-project and -collective.


awards and achievements



  • Catalog 5th 35awards 2019 (in production)
  • Featured artist on JaamZIN
  • Leica Photography International: Curated Showcase Africa Gallery