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jean-pierre damen

Jean-Pierre Damen is an urban and street photographer focusing on urban photography in its broadest sense: from street impressions to abstracts views on the city, from nightshots to architecture.

photocredit: AJ


Coming from a graphical background he has a strong focus on composition and framing. And as a former creative director he emphasises on storytelling, both visual and literal.

He takes both analogue and digital pictures with a strong preference for getting things right in-camera.

Since 2017 he has chosen a theme-driven approach in documenting urbanity, resulting in two first online projects called Urban Decay and Urban Abstractions (soon back online).

In 2018 the project Sub-way-conscious was added and most recently the project Urban Dystopia, which will be featured in BANGBANGZINE issue 3.

Currently in the works is the project Lucid Dreaming.


Awards and achievements


Leica Fotografie International: Leica Master Shot
Leica Fotografie International: Leica Master Shot
Leica Fotografie International: Africa Gallery
Leica Fotografie International: Europe Gallery


Hello all,

I am always eager to meet new people and collaborate. If you have a great idea drop me a line. I also do commissions if they fit my photographic signature.

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