Institute Of Photography

Composition Assignment

The image uses a couple of techniques. But the only one I actively sought after while taking the picture was 'framing': finding the right position to catch the whole scene.

Of course there is also a diagonal leading line going from one subject to the other, also connecting foreground to background and right to left. 

The latter techniques were more subconscious I think. Initially I saw this man bending over and I immediately walked up to him. Then while shooting him I didn't find it interesting enough and looked for an extra element. By stepping back a second person came into the frame. 

To me the most interesting about the image is actually not the techniques but the subjects, that are completely out of touch, but still somehow visually connected. Also the light/colours and atmosphere are quite eerie.

As my essay on influences showed I am a big fan of Gruyaert. And although I only learnt about him quite recently, my essay and your comments on it triggered me to learn more about him. 

Thank you for the great feedback on that essay. It was very inspiring.